Summer Commuting Plans

Melanie and I have set a challenge for ourselves for the summer. We want to commute to and from work with neither of us using our car at least 3 times a week. When the weather is nice, this is pretty simple, but if we get a lot of rain, or if we just get lazy, this could get pretty tricky.

I ride my bicycle to work pretty much every day. Mel can ride her bike with me for about 2-3 miles each morning to the Uptown Transit Station, where she can catch an express bus out to Eden Prairie. She has to pay $2.75 per ride (I think) for a total of $5.50/day. We aren’t sure, but we think she would probably spend about that same amount on gas if she were to drive. So we figure we’re either saving money or at least breaking even (especially since we’re only considering the direct costs of fuel usage – not maintenance or depreciation costs). Plus we get exercise and enjoy the fresh air as we ride the bicycles (I can’t vouch for the quality of the air inside the bus…)

So it should be pretty simple to use the car only twice/week for commuting, and we feel like we’re setting the bar pretty low to meet our goal, but we’ll see.

Sometimes things come up and we just feel like driving. Every so often I’m feeling particularly lazy in the morning and I either drive the car or, if Mel is driving, I’ll put my bike on the back of the car and she’ll drop me and the bike off at work. Or sometimes if one of us has an errand to run after work, it’s just more convenient to have the car.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

8 comments to Summer Commuting Plans

  • Another exception to the rule is that driving the scooter to work is allowed. The scooter currently doesn't work, but once its up and running that will be a viable transit option. I think my main goal is to leave the car in the garage while we're at work as many days as possible. Making this a "challenge" somehow motivates me more than just wishing I would get up and ride the bike.

  • I love it when Mel and I get to ride to the Transit Station together.

  • Yeah for bikes!!! Bike riding is so much fun! Good luck with your summer commuting plans!

    Are you going to build a trailer to go to the grocery store? I hope to build one out of an old trailer for hauling children.

  • You guys are awesome!! If the drivers out here weren't so crazy I would consider buying and riding a bike to work… perhaps I will still consider it! Jonathan is wanting a motorcycle, but alas, that's not in the budget currently… maybe some day cuz that's not a bad idea either!

  • Sounds like a good challenge, good luck!

  • I love you guys, So awesome!.. Your patio looks beautiful. PS.Turbo Jam has changed my life.
    Ans also.. I love your plans!

  • WORD. thanks for the encouragement, peeps.

  • Callie

    Reuben- what ever hppened to your insane running? If you were a true man youd be running to work… I swear you get married and instantly become lazy. (Love Shaun)