Scenes from All Over

In my spare time (i.e. at work), I like to peruse Microsoft Maps just to see what other places look like. I thought I’d post some of my favorite scenes. This photo takes me back to my time spent in Ohio. This lovely roundabout is located at the town center of Tallmadge, OH. The buildings in the middle of the circle are the historic Tallmadge Church. I think it’s a beautiful circle. The surrounding land uses aren’t much to look at, but the circle is wonderful.

Next, a somewhat depressing scene from East St. Louis. In the picture, we can see a fairly dense grid of streets, and one can assume that all of these streets were once lined with beautiful homes similar to the few that remain. One by one, however, the homes are removed, and the economic situation in the area apparently does not warrant redevelopment in this part of town. It would be wonderful to see these streets filled with homes again.
The scene from East St. Louis stands in stark contrast to this photo from San Francisco, where every available inch of street frontage is utilized, creating courtyards in the middle of blocks accessible only by passing through one of the buildings.

Next is a photo of the saddest place on earth: Emo, Canada. Actually, it’s probably not the saddest place on earth, but it certainly sounds like it.

Finally, while perusing the North American Continent, I was struck by this photo of Little Rock, AR. I was stunned by the beautiful features left behind as the river meanders back and forth.

Next time, I’ll scrounge up some photos of freeway removals!

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