La Que Buena

So last evening, Mel and I were at La Que Buena, a local Mexican restaurant (or restaurante..). It’s probably 8:30 p.m. or so, and we were there purchasing some nachos-to-go. We’re sitting at a table and waiting for our nachos (it usually takes about 10 minutes).

This guy who we have never met before comes up to us and says, “So let me get this straight… You guys don’t drink at all?” Mel and I both assumed he was referring to the prohibition of the consumption of alcohol by the LDS church, and neither of us knew exactly how to respond, wondering how he knew we were mormon. We just sort of muttered, “uh… no… uh…heh…” Then he said, “Oh, I wish I were more like you.” or something like that.

Mel and I thought this was a really strange experience. After giving it more thought, surely the man had no idea of our religious affiliation with the LDS church. So it’s odd that he assumed that since we were not drinking at that very moment, we must not drink at all. Maybe he was just trying to be funny and expected us to say, “Oh no, we’re total drinkers. In fact, my wife here is a total lush. We’re just not drinking right now.”

I also thought it was strange the way Mel and I were both struck dumb when we thought we had been outed at el restaurante. Surely we have both fielded the “why don’t you drink alcohol?” question dozens of times. And surely we are both proud of our affiliation with the LDS church and are not ashamed to be teetotalers.

One thing is for sure, though: them nachos were good.

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