Melanie and I love our neighborhood. … but we don’t love the graffiti that comes along with it. Our garage door faces the alley behind our house, and it’s a pretty popular location for several local groups to spray paint. It happens somewhat regularly. We paint over it as quickly as we can, but we have little hope that it will be the last time. We keep a can of white paint in the garage, knowing that we’ll need it sooner or later.

It doesn’t seem to happen during the winter, but we anticipate several more hits throughout the summer. They seem to come in spurts. One night one group tags our door, the next night, another group crosses out the first tag and adds their own. Turf wars of some sort, I suppose.

It’s frustrating and annoying, but mostly just disappointing. Disappointing that the beautiful little Powderhorn Park neighborhood has to deal with such blight. Disappointing that it terrorizes the residents of the neighborhood. Disappointing that whoever did it thinks they are accomplishing something to be proud of. Disappointing that some who see the markings will harbor ill feelings (or at least skepticism) towards all spanish-speakers in the community. Disappointing to realize that as much as I love this neighborhood, it’s probably not where I would choose to raise my children.

3 comments to Graffiti

  • That would be very frustrating, I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

  • You should paint a large mural on your garage door (ugly, perhaps) but that would discourage the gangs from doing graffiti on your garage door because it wouldn't be a large white canvas for them. Or splatter lots of different colors of paint all over the door…then they wouldn't have spray paint that would standout on your door.

  • I've thought about that, Jules. Seriously, if I thought I could paint a mural that would look halfway decent, I probably would.

    Hmm… I'll bet if I put out an ad on craigslist, some budding art student with talent would come paint me a mural for free!

    The downside, is what if the thugs thought, "HA, you think some mural will keep me from painting your door? whatever. Now I'm going to spray paint your door just because you're trying to keep me from doing it."