Gmail Address Policy

A while back, my mom sent an email to my sister and I, and I noticed that she had left out some of the “dots” that I thought should have been included in my sister’s email address. Worried that my sister had not received the email, I inserted the dots and forwarded it over to my sister. Turns out, however, that the “dots” are meaningless in gmail addresses. The following is gmail’s address policy:

Gmail allows only one registration for any given username. Once you sign up for a particular username, any dot or capitalization variations are made permanently unavailable for new registration. If you created, no one can ever register, or Furthermore, because Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won’t change the actual destination address. Messages sent to,, and are all delivered to your inbox, and only yours.

This comes in handy when you want to sign up for an ebay account, and you want your username to be the same as your email address. For whatever reason, ebay doesn’t allow your email address and your username to be the same. So an easy solution is just to add a “dot” anywhere in your email address, and then you will still receive all the emails from ebay in your normal mailbox without having to sign up for a new email address.

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