Our little garden is doing quite well. I suspect most of these are beginning to outgrow their little paper plate homes. We should probably get them outside ASAP. We’ve been so busy with our patio project that we just haven’t had time to do anything else (including training for our upcoming participation in the Sour Grapes Run).

The pumpkins have just taken off and are getting really big while the tomatoes and carrots are growing pretty slowly. The peas and cucumbers are somewhere inbetween. We really aren’t sure where we’ll plant them. We don’t have all that much space in our yard.

I’m most excited for the carrots and cucumbers.

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  • I clicked on your picture to see the full view, and first I saw 'tom' written on the cup. I thought, "how cute, they have named each plant." But then I realized it was short for 'tomato', and I realized I was an idiot.