Garden sprouts

by Melanie

Last year we attempted to make a little garden, but wasn’t too successful. I only planted cucumbers and tomatoes, thinking that should be easy enough, right? Well, I ended up growing 2 cucumbers, both of which were eaten by rabbits or squirrels before I harvested them. I was able to harvest a handful of mini-tomatoes and 1 regular sized tomato, but overall, it was a pretty pathetic garden. This year we decided to give it another shot with a little more variety (tomatoes and cucumbers, plus beans, carrots, and pumpkins – Reuben is hoping to wear one of the pumpkins on his head for Halloween…). We also decided to plant the seeds indoors this year instead of waiting until the end of May when there are no seeds left to be bought and we were stuck with picked-over starter plants from the garden store. Here’s our little sprouts so far. I’m not sure when they’ll get moved outside yet, as it is still dropping down below 40 some nights. Our yard doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, so I’m a little nervous about how they’ll survive once they do get transplanted. I think we’ll try planting in a few different spots and see how things go. We’ll keep you updated, and hopefully we’ll have lots of tasty veggies to share with everyone this summer!

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