Bruce Vento Trail

Melanie and I have decided that we want to complete at least one adventure each week this summer. You can read about each of our adventures right here each Sunday evening for the entire summer. I can hear you all asking “what qualifies as an adventure?” Well, pretty much, an adventure is whatever we want it to be. It has to be something fun, exciting, generally outdoors (but not necessarily), and usually something we haven’t done before (but not necessarily). Melanie has self-appointed herself as the one who determines if an activity qualifies as an adventure, so we’ll just have to trust her judgement.

Our first adventure was riding the Bruce Vento Regional Trail. It begins near downtown St. Paul, and ends just north of I-694. As the sign points out, it’s constructed on right-of-way owned by the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority, preserved for possible future use as a light-rail alignment. In the meantime, however, it’s used for bicycles.
There is a wide range of things to see along the Vento Trail. Here’s a few pictures of what we saw:

When we set out on our adventure, we thought the Vento Trail went all the way to Forest Lake, MN. But it turns out only part of the trail has been constructed so far, and it currently stops in Maplewood – just past I-694. We figured that out right about here – where the trail just stops:
So after our original plans had been cut short, we took a detour on the way back using the Gateway State Trail:
The Gateway Trail also has plenty to see:

Of course, when we reached the southern end of the Gateway Trail, we were on the wrong end of downtown St. Paul, so we had a little bit of an urban route back to the car. Here’s a few of my favorite photos of the day:

Here’s a map of our route – just over 16 miles. It’s not as far as we were planning, but it was still fun.

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