Patio: Done

Whew! Our patio project is finally finished! Here’s some photos! Here’s Mel, just chillaxin’ after a long day of work.
And here she is admiring all of our hard work! Notice the huge pile of dirt is gone. We pretty much just moved it to a different part of the yard….
Here’s a good shot of the walkway to the garage.

A lot of the pieces required cutting to the right size. Some of the cuts were a little tricky, especially around the corners.

And another for good measure.

Here’s a closeup of the bricks. The whiteness is a result of them getting wet while stacked on top of each other. It should fade over time. Sweeping all the sand into the joints was a lot trickier than we thought it would be.

Here’s a good one of the patio area. Notice that the Fiesta has been moved back to it’s proper place, though I have mixed feelings as I report that it’s useful life is nearing it’s end and it may soon be time to upgrade to a new grill.

The next step will be to spread tons of grass seed and hope something grows.

Big thanks to b+k who provided at least 35 person-hours to the project. Go here to watch a sweet video Katie made about the project. We’re so proud of it. We think it turned out really well.

6 thoughts on “Patio: Done”

  1. I am very impressed you guys! That is some high quality craftsmanship! (PS: I can't wait for our river trip!!)

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