Patio: Week 3

Mel and I really wanted to make a lot of progress on our patio project this weekend, so we set the alarm to get an early start. Progress would have been slow, but luckily, we received a lot of help from our friends b+k, who helped us work on the project for nearly 12 hours today. We were able to accomplish so much more with their help than we would have without them.

The pavers are in place along the walkway between the house and the garage. Of course, we waited until after dark to take the photos, so please forgive the bad photography. Some of the stones appear very dark in color in this photo because they are wet, having just been cut to size.

When we started this project, Mel and I agreed that safety was important, so we make sure to wear bright colors. here’s a photo of us in our “safety shirts” next to our new pathway.

5 thoughts on “Patio: Week 3”

  1. Pretty sure the shirts are our favorite part… but the pathway is great too. What will your next project be when you finish the patio?

  2. good thing you guys have your safety shirts on, i might not have know where to find you in the picture~ those are pretty cool!

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