Patio: Construction Begins Tomorrow

With favorable weather conditions ahead of us, we’re ready to actually start building our patio. So far, all we’ve done is dig a large hole in our yard. We’ve been hampered by bad weather (and sloth), but now we’re energized and ready to get this project done. We spent last night at Menard’s and they’re delivering all of our materials Saturday morning sometime. We’re going to spend Friday evening getting ready. We’ll need to clean up the garage so that we have someplace safe to put all the material when it is delivered. We’ll also spend Friday evening and Saturday morning compacting the subgrade and making sure our trench is exactly 8.5 inches below our desired finish elevation.

If I haven’t mentioned it earlier, neither of us have ever done this before. We don’t really know what we’re doing. We’re learning through experience.

We don’t expect to finish it this weekend, but we are hoping to make some serious progress. Wish us luck. It’s going to be a long weekend.

One thought on “Patio: Construction Begins Tomorrow”

  1. Good belated luck! I bet you guys are exhausted by now, but I also bet it looks fantastic. That has got to be such a satisfying project! Keep posting pictures!

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