The Flash

According to the StarTribune, DC Comics is planning to resurrect The Flash. I used to be really into comics when I was younger. I’ve still got a stack of comics at my house to prove it. Comic books were simpler back in the 90’s. There were pretty much only two companies publishing comics in any mass quantity (Marvel & DC). I was already a little confused by the way each publisher had multiple versions of each superhero who appeared in multiple titles each month (Amazing Spiderman, Web of Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman, Classic Stories Featuring Spiderman, etc.) Then all of a sudden, companies like Image and DarkHorse started producing comic books. These “alternative” publishers pushed the industry away from classic superhero titles. Storylines seemed to get more complicated and the stars were no longer required to have superpowers. Marvel & DC seemed to resort to gimmicks to keep people buying traditional comics. Before this time, every comic book printed could be displayed easily on one or two simple racks next to the cash registers at the local grocery store. These days, we have stores filled with various titles from dozens of publishers. It all became too much for me, and I almost entirely quit reading comics – It was too much for my little brain to handle.

I hope that the resurrection of The Flash is somewhat of a return to traditional comic books – traditional storytelling. Maybe not. If it wasn’t profitable before, I don’t know why it would be now. But I have high hopes that it signifies somewhat of a “back to the basics” from DC and the comic industry in general.

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