Kill Doctor Lucky

Melanie and I recently made a trip to The Source Comics and Games in Falcon Heights to buy some new board games. One of the games we bought was Kill Dr. Lucky. It’s a lot like Clue – except instead of trying to figure out who committed the murder, the players are trying to Kill Dr. Lucky. It’s a lot of fun. All the players move around the mansion, including Dr. Lucky. If you find yourself alone in a room with Dr. Lucky, you can try to kill him, but the other players will try to stop you.

The only problem with this game is that you don’t have any idea how long a game will take to complete. The first game we played only took about 15 minutes to complete, but the second game we played lasted for several hours. This is ok in some settings, but it might keep us from, say, planning a dinner party around it because we won’t know how much time to budget (this is important because as everyone who has been to one of our parties knows, our parties are very well planned and scheduled).

3 comments to Kill Doctor Lucky

  • Rory

    I have heard good things about that game, I guess I'll have to check it out. Raphelle and I are big game players. If you're looking for some fun ones to play one on one or as a small group I'd recommend: Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Others we like that require more people include: Attribute, Buzzword, and ImagineIFF.

  • Hey Reuben, nice blog, I've enjoyed reading parts of it. Anyway, I agree with rory about Carcassonne. Jo and I bought it on a whim some time ago and have enjoyed playing it.

  • OOOh.. Ticket to Ride is a fun game. We like to play Ticket to Ride. It looks like I'll have to check out Carcassonne.