How to Make Out for the First Time

When you use the google toolbar to search for something, the toolbar attempts to predict what you’re searching for. You type a few letters in and it tries to predict the rest of your word or phrase. I assume the suggestions it gives are derived according to the most common searches everyone else is using. It’s fun to see the strange topics others are searching for.

For example, I was doing online research for an upcoming home improvement project, and was typing “How to lay brick pavers” into my google toolbar. Here’s the suggestions it gave:

“how to tie a tie,” “how to get a passport,” “how to save money” and “how to save a life lyrics” all seem like reasonable google searches. “how to boil an egg” seems a little random… I didn’t know that many people out there were boiling eggs. “how to get pregnant” seems strange, but probably only because I picture the author being a 14 year old. My favorites are “how to kiss” and “how to make out.”

Always looking to expand my horizons and learn new skills, I placed my “how to lay brick pavers” query on hold for a few minutes to see what I could learn if I selected “how to make out.”

The first search result led me to the wikihow article “How to Make Out for the First Time” which I suggest everyone read if you are up for a good laugh. It has great advice like, “It helps to make out with someone you love and not just because one of your friends told you to do it.” Or how about, “You can peek but don’t make out with him/her with your eyes open.” Or finally, “Guys, remember if it’s the girls first time, she might giggle.” PRICELESS.

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