Faith and Acceptance

As most of you know, I enjoy perusing LDS-themed blogs. Every so often I come across a post that really speaks to me, and when I do, I like to let my friends know. You’ve probably noticed that to the right of this window is a list of some of the most recent blogs I’ve been reading – most of which are LDS-themed. The blogs that make it into that list are usually the ones that I find most interesting or particularly moving. They tend to focus on LDS culture, rather than doctrine. Since most of the people who read this blog are members of the LDS church, I generally don’t feel any need to preface the content. I figure there’s probably only about 3 people who ever click on them anyway.

This evening, however, I came across a post that I wanted to share with the readers of this blog, and I feel some desire to provide an explanation of why I feel it is noteworthy. Aside from being beautifully written, I believe the author provides a wonderful example of faith and an ability to discuss trials. Sometimes within the world of mormonism, we make assumptions about each other. We assume that everyone who attends church on sunday must believe the same things we do. We assume that if a member of the church accepts one aspect of the church, then they accept all of it. But it simply isn’t that way. Each member of the LDS church is unique, and each one of us uniquely decides which aspects of the LDS church are meaningful to us. Yet there is often an inability to discuss our differences amongst each other. We assume that if two individuals believe different things then one of them must be incorrect.

This is a story of faith – an ability to trust that those who read will not judge – an ability I admire.

6 comments to Faith and Acceptance

  • Tara

    Thanks for posting that story (I didn't realize the links on the side were to blogs?). I enjoyed reading it.

  • "Sometimes in choosing the good part, you have some baggage to carry with you too." Whenever I see a person get into a relationship that is considered to have a lot of "baggage" I wonder why they put themselves through it. I guess I do the same thing and this is the reason.
    Its beautiful to see people rely on their faith whether they know it or not.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • are you saying I have a lot of baggage?

  • No-you only have that one small suitcase. It barely holds anything.

  • Thanks for linking that entry – I agree that it was beautifully written and I totally identified with the content.

  • Thanks for the article Reuben. I also enjoyed it. Like Darcey, I can easily identify with what the author was saying.