Childhood Journal

While doing some cleaning, I came across my journal, the only biographical record of my first 19 years years of existance. I got a kick out of reading it, so I thought you might, too. Here it is, presented in it’s entirety, with spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors preserved. Keep a close eye on the dates – there are a few gaps. Enjoy.

Jan. 31, 1991 Thursday
Well, today was just another ninja turtle day. Except we didn’t acculy get to play. I am reading Sideways Stories From Wayside Elementary School with thirty chapters (124 pages). Right now I am on chapter 17 (page 74).

Feb. 1, 1991 friday
Today was jus an avrage day with no ninja turtles, and a lot of TV. watching. I am glad I got a journal.

Feb. 2, 1991 saturday
Today was an active day a lot of room cleaning. Dad gave me $2.00 today to buy a box for my cards, I needed it.

Feb. 3, 1991 sunday
Today I went to church. I am in the second ward. I saw Mr. Prestwitch there.

Feb. 4 1991 monday
I found out that I made it into GT (gified and talented) today. I was happy.

Feb 4, 1992 tuesday
I realized that I need to rite in here more. Today, I went out of the lunchroom and tried to find Cal finally after 15 minutes I remembered that it was tusday and that he was in G.T. In G.T we made structures to see whose could go the farthest. Me and Eric are on a team, we came in second. I realized that I want to go out with 3 girls in my school 1. Ashley Brown 2. Lacy Peterson 3. Rachael Harriman, but none of them like me so I guess I can just forget to even dream. That kind of hurts my feelings because nobody ever thinks of me as someone who would like to go out with somebody. Everyone just see’s me as “Good Old Reuben”. Amen.

Feb 5, 1992 wednesday
I forgot to go to the Kindergarten today. Every wednesday I go down there at 12:50-1:30 to help. I have a book report due tomorrow. today I was trying to remodel my D and D sheet I couldn’t. I’m going to ask either Lacy or Rachael out sometime if neither of them are already going out with somebody which I think they are. Amen.

Feb 6, 1992, Thursday
Well I realized that I really don’t want to go out with someone. I just want to be the kind of guy that’s funny and liked to be around Amen

August 11, 1995
I just read the other stuff I wrote in here. That was a couple of years ago. I am 14. I am going to try to start writing in here every day.
School starts in about two weeks. I am going to be in 9th grade. Thats high school. I am excited. Band camp starts in two days. I play the snare drum. The music is really hard. During the school year I am going to have to get up at 5:30. They changed the time school starts from 8:30 to 7:30. I have seminary at 6:30 and an hour to get ready, 5:30.
In high school, most of my friends are taking weight training. Out of all of my friends I need weight training the most but I decided to take PE instead. PE is with the girls, so I am happy

Ok, so that’s the entire contents of the journal. My favorite parts are the line about how I can “just forget to even dream” and how for a while I thought it was appropriate to end a journal entry with “Amen.” Although my journal is so brief, I still feel like it is pretty representative of who I was at ages 10-14.


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  • Good old Reuben. Someday can we have a ninja turtle day? I hope you got the most out of PE with the girls.

  • I'm impressed with the consecutive dates, even across multiple years. My journal through middle school was a little longer, but generally had the same gist as yours. And despite knowing that I wasn't supposed to date until I was 16, it still didn't stop me from convincing myself that I loved the girls I was interested in. I remember distinctly that I wanted to ask my dad how to know that one had fallen in love, but always thought he would tell me that I was too young to love, so I never asked. But at that time I was certain that I was in love. My journal also had quite a bit more of teenage angst against some of my "friends." I am so glad I don't have to live those years over again.

  • I agree with your favorite parts. That was a very entertaining blog entry. Amen.

  • Tara

    Way to keep a journal! Especially love the photos.