Bicycle Ride Home on a Snowy Day

I got caught riding my bicycle home from work around 5:00 PM today with about 4 fresh inches of snow on the ground. I hadn’t counted on this much snow, so I wasn’t on the snow bike. I was on my new, blue schwinn that I fixed up a few months ago. It’s a good bike, but not meant for snow. When I got home, I thought the bike looked beautiful with all the snow stuck to it, so I took some photos. I wish I was a better photographer, but oh well. Here they are:

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I love how the snow clings to the inside of the rims. When you’re moving quickly through deep snow it’s almost like the wheels become solid discs of snow. And I love how the front derailleur isn’t even visible, hidden behind all the caked-on snow, leaving only a small hole through the snow for the chain to move through.

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