Patio: Day Two

Mel and I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight, so we got a late start digging. We also think we’re digging a little too deep in some places (it’s hard to tell how far down you’ve dug after you’ve removed the original ground elevation to compare it with). We’ve almost got most of the patio area excavated, but haven’t started on any of the walkways, yet. We think we’re about 20% through the excavation phase at this point. There’s talk of rain on thursday, which would be bad news (our dirt pile would wash back into our pit). Again, we worked until dark – then took photos – so they’re dark.

Here’s the mound of dirt we’ve moved so far.

2 thoughts on “Patio: Day Two”

  1. Sweet digging skills! You guys a excellent. We love your home improvement installments. Wish we could be there to help you dig. Turns out that is one of the few things I'm actually kind of good at 😀

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