New Patio: Before

So many of you have heard that Mel and I are beginning a new home improvement project. We’re going to construct a brick patio and walkway in our backyard. It’s going to be a very big and long project. We hope to have it done by the end of May. The first step is to excavate 9″ of dirt everywhere we want to lay pavers. This is going to be the most physically demanding part of the job (though not the most difficult). We started digging today, and after a few minutes realized we hadn’t taken any “before” pictures. So here are some pictures of what our backyard looked like a few minutes after the project officially began.

In this first pic, you can see a sort of curvy gravel pathway that currently exists in the backyard. This pathway is going to disappear and be replaced with pavers.
This second picture is an action shot of me moving my foot fast like a ninja.
In this last picture, the curvy gravel pathway is visible, along with the dismantled concrete table that used to be in the middle of our yard. Big thanks to our Pie of the Month Club friends who helped us dismantle and move it. Also visible on the far right is The Fiesta – my grilling machine.

Mel and I will keep you updated on how our project is coming. Don’t get too excited, though. It’s going to be a long process.

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