Run the Valley 10K

I ran in the Golden Valley “Run The Valley” 10K this morning (in case you’re wondering, there is nothing particularly golden, nor is there really a valley in Golden Valley). Based on last years results, I went into the race hoping to place in the top 15. The official results haven’t been posted yet, but I believe I placed 13th with a time somewhere around 42-43 minutes. Here’s a photo of me ready for the race:

And another one at the starting line:

Here is me coming down the final stretch. If you ask Mel, she’ll tell you I got 11th place, but that’s only because she didn’t notice that right after she snapped this photo, the two guys right behind me zipped passed me, bumping me into 13th.

I’m pretty pround of my time of 42:37. ┬áResults here.

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