Smart Bikers Wear Helmets

This is a picture of my ear, taken Friday evening. The scabs are the result of a bicycle accident occurring thursday morning on my way to work. Thursday was the first time I tried to ride my bicycle to work. It was about 30 degrees when I left home, so there was still a lot of ice on the roads. I was riding on the Midtown Greenway when I hit a patch of ice.

It’s amazing how quickly you can fall to the ground when your bicycle slides right out from under you. There’s no wobbling, no period of time where you attempt to recover. One second you’re riding along, the next, you’re flat on the ground.

On this particular day, I landed directly on my ear. I would have liked to have seen myself fall because I’ll bet it was pretty funny. It’s not often someone falls directly on their ear. At any rate, I’m ok. My ear is still sore, and my ipod earbuds still have dried blood on them, but all is well. I have medical insurance these days (thanks to my wife), so if it requires attention, I’ll be sure to go.

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