New Bicycle

I’ve been using some of my spare time to fix up an old bicycle lately. It’s an old Schwinn, probably from the early 80’s. I’m not sure of the model. The frame had been abandoned near my old apartment, so I used my hacksaw, cut the lock off, and brought it home. When I found it, the wheels had been stolen, so I bought a new wheelset. I also replaced both sets of brake shoes and cables. It was originally a 10-speed, but I turned it into a 12-speed, so I also had to adjust the rear derailleur.

Sometimes people will hold a blow torch to the handlebars and bend them upwards slightly on each side (I don’t really understand why). The original handlebars were like this, but they hadn’t been bent equally on both sides. So I swapped out the old handlebars for a new set of old handlebars I had laying around. Add some handlebar tape and DONE.

It’s a pretty sweet bike. My only reservation is with the old rear derailleur. Rear derailleurs take a beating, and this one’s pretty old. I’ll give it a try for now, though. Tomorrow I will take it for a test ride to the new office to time the ride.

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