I Have a Job

I am pleased to announce that on 10 March 2008 I will begin employment with a local engineering firm based in Golden Valley, MN. They specialize in “Infrastructure, Engineering, Planning, Construction.” I will join the transportation group performing region-wide traffic modeling and GIS mapping/analysis. They are close enough that I will be able to ride a bicycle most of the time, using off-road trails for much of the journey. It will be an 8 mile bike ride – just the right length – 6 of which will be on trails.

My long term employment goal is to develop a nation-wide client base and specialize in bicycle infrastructure development and safety planning. I think this will be a growing industry in the upcoming years and this is a good time to get started in this direction. I’m sure I won’t be doing anything bicycle related in the near future, but the company seems supportive of my ambitions.

A Celebration Is In Order. Mel and I will start planning.

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