Heavy 3rd Hour

Today was our Ward Conference. During the third hour of church, the First and Second Counselors in the Stake Presidency led a combined priesthood/RS meeting. They began by stating that because of the recent exposure the LDS church has seen in the media recently due to Romney’s presidential bid, many members of the church were being asked all of the difficult questions about LDS history and policy. Today, we heard a presentation regarding how the church suggested we respond to these questions. Comments or questions from class members were prohibited. So for a full hour, we listened to possible responses to some difficult questions. We hit a lot of the big ones:

Blacks and the Priesthood
Gay Marriage
Women and Priesthood
Are Mormons Christian?
..and a couple additional, less exciting ones.

And for the most part, the suggested answers were the same answers the church has always provided for these sorts of questions. The counselors stated that they had given this same presentation in other wards, and so I suspect this is happening church-wide at the request of the 15 Apostles. These are some pretty heated topics. I agreed with much of what was said, and I disagreed with much of what was said.

I’m wondering if others have had a similar meeting in their wards recently. Was it the same format (i.e. comments prohibited)? Were any of the suggested answers interesting or did they seem to fall in line with answers the church has always suggested? Did any answers seem to suggest “new territory” or changing viewpoints in terms of LDS apologetic answers?

3 comments to Heavy 3rd Hour

  • I think that format of ward conference is unique to your stake. Our ward conference was 4 weeks ago and was about the temple. It's interesting that they wouldn't take comments or questions. Doesn't seem too helpful of a format.

  • Tara

    Unfortunately I missed our ward conference last week, so I don't have any juicy news to share.

  • I found myself wondering if the reason they weren't allowing questions was really to allow enough time to get through all the topics as they claimed… or if they just didn't want to entertain ideas or thoughts that weren't in line with what they were saying…