Family Outing: Cassidy’s

Sunday afternoon we drove up north to Hinckley where we met Mel’s parents for lunch at Cassidy’s Restaurant. Here’s a photo of Mel and her younger brother standing outside the restaurant.
I don’t know why the side of the building says “Gold Pine.” Maybe the name of the place is really Cassidy’s Gold Pine Restaurant… but then I can’t really explain why that’s not what the sign says. Mel and I took the time to snap a photo next to a bear holding a welcome sign.
I guess there’s not really much of a story here… just an excuse to post some pictures.

6 comments to Family Outing: Cassidy’s

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwww aren't you guys cute!! Did you stop and get some donuts from Toby's??? They used to be sooooooooooo good, dunno if they still are.

  • No, we didn't get any donuts. I haven't had them in a while, but we did get some cinnamon rolls last summer and they are still amazing.

  • Tara

    That looks like a place where you can get really good, warm waffles (or pancakes) w/huckleberry syrup and enjoy some down to earth service. Oh wait, forgot huckleberries are a NW treasure.

  • Super Sweet Weekend! We love adventures! So her family is somewhat close? That is pretty cool. It looks like you should probably watch out for moose. I mean, they are mean, vicious creatures that would probably eat you guys alive. 😀 Anyways, we love your pictures. Keep having fun!

  • I sure hope somebody got biscuits and gravy. It seems like nobody gets biscuits and gravy anymore… everyone is too health concious. I say just get the good ol' B&G but just get a half order.

  • I wish I had gotten biscuits and gravy. Now I'm going to search out the twin cities for the best biscuits and gravy.