Stillwater, MN

Last weekend, Mel and I decided to spend the afternoon in Stillwater, MN. Stillwater is about 30 miles northeast of our home, located along the beautiful St. Croix River. Main Street in Stillwater is lined with interesting niche shops, and we had lunch and spent the afternoon just looking around.

Of course, everything was too expensive for us to buy anything. We almost bought a $2000 cuckoo clock from Germany, but then realized that there were about a zillion other things we’d rather have, so we didn’t buy it. At one end of Main Street, there’s a tall flight of stairs climbing a bluff along the river’s edge. We climbed the stairs and took a few photos of the town.

The last photo features the Stillwater Bridge, an historic lift bridge that is currently caught in the middle of a heated transportation debate. The bridge is old, and cannot continue to function without major repairs. There are a wide array of opinions among transportation professionals about how and if the bridge should be repaired or replaced. I had never seen the bridge in person, so I used this as an opportunity to check out the situation for myself. This next photo is my favorite from the weekend. I think the iced over river really makes for a beautiful photo (click on it to enlarge and get the full effect).

We used the rest of the afternoon to explore the City of Stillwater. We found some really great buildings (surrounded by really great power poles)….

…and some not-so-great buildings…
It was a fun adventure.

4 thoughts on “Stillwater, MN”

  1. Excellent adventure! And I agree with Ben… super excellent house. Probably not another one like it, or another person who would ever want it 😀 And I love the iced river. Now if only you would shove Melanie into a few of the pictures. Jason is constantly slamming on the breaks and demanding that I get out of the warm car to pose so he can take a picture of me with some old _______ (you fill in the blank. House/fire truck/statue/man…)

  2. There is a huge, beautiful house in Stillwater that Jeff loves. We've never actually walked around the city, but we do drive bys over there quite often. It's such a cute, little town. We're hoping to eventually get out of the car one of these days.

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