So Long, Roseville 4

Mel and I watched Sweeney Todd at the Roseville 4 theater last night. As we were walking into the theater, we noticed signs informing us that the theater will be closing in March because of rising rent prices.

At first, Mel and I were a little sad. We’re always sad to see a dollar theater go. But by the end of the movie, neither of us were surprised that it was going out of business. Mel and I know a little something about dollar theaters. We go to Riverview Theater all the time – It’s got the best popcorn in town, nice seats, modern audio-visual equipment, and it’s really close to our home.

Roseville, on the other hand, smelled like burned popcorn. The screen was small and had stains all over it. The entire film was slightly out of focus. The sound system was weak and underwhelming. The seats were dirty. As we were leaving the theater, we both said, “No wonder they’re going out of business.”

Oh well. Really, they’re so far from our home that we rarely go there anyway. And we still really enjoyed Sweeney Todd. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are allways fun.

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  • After watching the Angela Lansbury version, I've been reluctant to see the Tim Burton version. I'm sure I'll put it in my queue, though.

    Alas, the Roseville 4. The only time I went there was for a FHE when we went to see Shrek 2. It's unfortunate that theaters go out of business, but if they aren't kept up, it's not too much of a surprise. It's almost like they didn't want to stay in business. At least there is still the Riverview.