Jucy Lucy

I had reason to celebrate today (good news on the job front – more news to come in the upcoming weeks) so I went to Matt’s Bar and had a Jucy Lucy. In case you don’t know, a Jucy Lucy is a burger where the meat patty has a pocket full of piping hot liquid cheese in the middle. It’s SOOOO good. You can get Jucy Lucy’s at several locations around the Metro. Each location claims to be home to the “Original” Jucy Lucy. I don’t know who has the original, but I’ll bet Matt’s has the greasiest, which leads me to believe it’s also the original. At any rate, it’s my favorite place to get a Lucy. Plus it’s about 5 blocks from my home, so it’s convenient. If you’ve never had a Lucy, go get one…. NOW. It’s for your own good.
Yippee for job offers and Jucy Lucy’s!

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