Homemade Grocery Bags

by Melanie

Reuben has been trying to get me to blog since he started this thing and now I’ve finally finished a project that I can write about! This year I made a New Years goal to start taking my own bags to the grocery store. I was getting sick of the stack of paper and plastic bags growing under our sink. The paper bags aren’t so bad because we need a fairly good supply of those to put our recycling in, but the plastic bags don’t get re-used very often and I feel a twang of guilt every time I throw a plastic bag away. Could I simply just bring a stash of plastic bags with me when I went shopping? No- that just wouldn’t be my style. Instead I made some bags of my own. I pretty much just cut apart a paper grocery bag and used that for my pattern. I finally used them for the first time tonight:

I think they turned out pretty good. The first one I made I used the same length handles as a standard brown paper bag, but then decided longer straps would be better. I hope I can make myself keep using them (and I hope the handles hold up!). I think the trick will be to keep them in the car so I’ll have them handy when I go in. I doubt I’ll bring them in every store I ever go in, but I feel like the grocery store is a good place to start.

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