Google Streetview

Google Streetview is pretty sweet. Google has a car with a video camera on top that allows the user to see what each street looks like from ground level. An unintended benefit is archiving the spontaneous things happening on the street at the time when the google-mobile drove through.

Some of the pictures are pretty funny, and a lot of people get a kick out of finding the funniest sightview pictures. This site has created a pretty large archive of google sightings (check out the top rated photos along the sidebar).

Some people aren’t too happy about it, however, because the believe it violates their privacy. This YouTube video is pretty funny.

I’ve been searcing my local neighborhood and have found a couple things. First, I’ve spotted the missionaries out and about in Uptown.

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I’ve also discovered a picture of a missionary who might feel like Google has placed them in a compromised position. This sure looks like a missionary to me (it’s at about 836 W Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN). White shirt, dark slacks, helmet, mountain bike, backpack. The only way to know for sure, of course, is to look for the tag on the pocket. Unfortunately, this missionaries tie is flapping in front of his pocket, so you can’t get a great view of the tag, but it sure looks like a missionary to me. But wait! Where’s his companion???? Go ahead and search up and down Lake Street. You can watch the missionary ride his bike all the way down the street, and get a lot of different vantage points to see if you can make out an LDS missionary tag, but you won’t find a companion anywhere. OH SNAP! BUSTED!

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What do you think? Does it look like a missionary? If so, where’s the companion?

3 comments to Google Streetview

  • Ooooooooooo creepy I just totally found your house on that thing!!!!

  • Looks like a missionary to me…. totally busted…

  • Andrew

    What does it matter? besides, this is Google Maps we are talking about. His companion could be there, but we just cant see him. he could be behind a car, a truck, a tree – who cares? On my mission we would sometimes be a street ahead of each other. we didn’t mean to, we just biked differently. You know how it is if you served a mission. We never rode side by side because that is dangerous. Always one in the front. We would map out where we were headed and then one would lead and one would follow. Usually the one in front would have to contact so that the one behind wouldn’t be left alone.