Art Sledding 2008

Mel, tBert, and I attended the First Annual Art Sled Rally across the street in Powderhorn Park. We love living across the street because it makes it so easy for us to go to things like this (not to mention the free ice skating on the frozen lake). So the idea of art sleds is that people from the community get to gether and build sleds. “Artistic” sleds, whatever that means. Most of them were cardboard boxes cut into various shapes and painted various colors. Most of them were ridden down the hill by children, and nearly all of them fell apart before they got to the bottom. Free popcorn and hot chocolate was available, courtesy of Welna Ace Hardware and Movies on 35th.

Welna Ace Hardware is the local hardware store that mel and I love going to because of the outstanding customer service, and they had the most technologically advanced sled. It was a Star Wars spaceship of some sort, and even shot REAL FLAMES out the back while it went down the hill! SWEET!

Here’s an example of one of the cardboard sleds falling apart.

The final sled to go down the hill was HUGE. It was half a dozen refrigerator boxes taped together to look like a giant truck, and it’s also packed full of about a dozen kids.

It didn’t make it too far, but it was fun to watch anyway.

Yep, living across the street from Powderhorn Park is pretty sweet. We’re already brainstorming for what sort of sleds we could build for next year! Got any ideas?

4 comments to Art Sledding 2008

  • ummm…combination bike/sled??? what could be better? Oh yeah, we should try to get some flames too.

  • That would be pretty fun to see. I think you should make a whale sled. You could be sitting inside it, like Jonah. It could still have flames….

  • Lani

    That looks so fun! We took the kids sledding this past weekend, but didn't see anything like that!

  • Thanks for the well-wishes on the talk guys!!! I'm sure I'll have an update about it….

    As for a sled… hmmmm…. how about a horse and carriage with a dragon chasing you and Reuben can be the knight fighting off the dragon? Tricky to do, but you guys are handy so you could figure it out!