Closet Number II

I finally got around to putting up some shelves in the second closet. When I started, I was planning on painting the walls a deep red color to match the bedroom, but for several reasons, decided not to – mostly because the popcorn texture stuff flakes off if you barely touch it, so painting would destroy it. Of course, I’d rather not have the texture at all, but removing it would probably require replacing the drywall in the whole closet, which was well beyond the scope of this project. So no painting. Also, I decided to construct only a single shelf in this closet, so it’s not as glorious as the other closet. But I promised pictures, so here they are.

It’s still a pretty sweet shelf. Also, this closet also provided some opportunities for interestingly shaped shelves.

That’s all for now. Next job: complete bathroom remodel.

Mel and I are heading up to Ely for the weekend. Mel wants to talk about quilting with her mom, and I’ll probably watch tv all weekend.

2 thoughts on “Closet Number II”

  1. Well, for the bathroom, we're pretty much planning to gut the whole thing. Our bathroom is so small, we're thinking about trading the full tub in for a shower only, and I've got dreams of vaulting the ceiling (to provide additional vertical space). But to do it right, it might require moving the toilet as well, and… well if we've gone that far, we've basically started from scratch. We're still brainstorming.

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