We’re Alive and Well

Well, as most of our friends already know, we have been married for just over two weeks. Thank you to everyone who attended our reception, traveled to Minneapolis for the events, or helped us set up for or clean up after the reception. The wedding was only possible because so many of our friends and family were willing to help out. And thank you to everyone who gave us gifts and well-wishes. They are greatly appreciated.

We are so pleased with how the reception turned out. We are greatly grateful for Bishop Foster and his willingness to conduct the ring ceremony. We were both very impressed with my sister’s reading of a wonderful poem written by Mel’s grandma. We were lucky that (nearly) everything went according to plan. We received many wonderful comments from friends and family about the decorations. We think people got a kick out of the mugs we made for them, and hope everyone had a good time.

Thank you to all who participated in this special celebration of our love.

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