My Favorite of the Humans

A friend asked me, “Why isn’t Melanie on your blog?” ANSWER: Because I’m not sure she really wants to be blogged about. 
So I asked her. “Hey Mel. Can i blog about you?” ANSWER: “Blog? are you still doing that? I thought you were doing homework. I better not find out that you’re blogging when you tell me you’re doing homework!” And so, since she did not explicitly say, “No,” it is my pleasure to introduce all of you to Melanie Lynn Hall, my favorite of all the Humans. We are engaged to be married on January 5th, 2008. 
Good friends Tara and Nicole sent me a couple emails asking me to answer questions about melanie so that they had material to work with for her recent bridal shower. One question was: “What personality trait of Melanie’s is your favorite?” I answered the following: “I love her sponteneity and her willingness to try anything. She is always up for trying new activities when they come along…”
Since answering that, however, I have realized that my answer was incorrect. That is NOT my favoite trait of Melanie’s. That is something I love about her, but it’s not my favorite.
My favorite aspect of Melanie is her creative spirit. She loves to build, create, decorate, design, modify, and manufacture things. For example, she made me a quilt several months ago! and it’s evidence of her ability to create something beautiful out of raw materials. A year ago when she bought her first home, several of the windows needed curtains. I probably would have gone to K-Mart and bought the worst curtains in the history of the Earth, but Melanie manufactured her own, from materials she chose, in a fashion she liked. A short tour of her beautiful home will introduce you to several pieces of furniture that she has manufactured from raw lumber. They are splendid. She sews headbands and handbags. Instead of buying wedding announcements, she MAKES them (green and black, no less). Reception decorations? Homemade. Christmas cards? Homemade. Dishwasher and new countertops? Installed herself. She’s total DIY, and it’s what I love about her. Everything from fashion, to home decorations. DIY. She never shys away from a job because it might be too big. She knows how to make Roobasaurus Rex costumes better than anyone I know. I am completely in love with her desire and ability to create.
She dreams of owning her own business someday…. doing what – she doesn’t know. But I have complete faith that she will accomplish it. I will do everything I can to help her. She is so talented, smart, and dedicated. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her – just to see all the things she will create along the way.

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