Marriage License

Mel and I went to the midtown exchage building this morning to get a marriage license. We both walked away from the experience thinking, “No wonder people don’t get married.” It costs $110 to get married in Minnesota. I don’t know how that compares to other areas of the nation, but it seemed like a lot to us. And that doesn’t include all the other fees we will face. We will still need to pay additional fees for things like, replacing mel’s social security card, getting her a new drivers license, adding me to the title of her car, etc. So many fees.

It felt like the first step of many in merging our assets and “becoming one.” It will not be a totally painless task. Everything she owns with her name on it will need to be changed to include her new name and my name, and everything I own will need to include her new name. I am worried it is going to be a big hassle for Melanie to change her name. (NOTE: The decision to drop her last name and assume mine was completely her own. I did not encourage nor discourage the change). When I say “merge our assets,” I really mean “add my name to HER assets.” She is bringing a house, a car, a bank account with more than $150, health insurance, a savings account, and a job. I am bringing student loans and an addiction to diet sodas. It seems like there are countless items associated with her existing name that will need to be updated.

We’re getting excited for the wedding day. We’ve almost finished all of our preparations and I’m getting very excited to move into her home. After Mel and I return home from our Christmas Vacation in Montana at her sister’s home, I think I’ll start moving some of my non-essential items to her home. I can’t wait.

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  • $50 for Utah County. I don't think it cost Katie anything to get her new Soc Sec card. I think the driver's license didn't cost anything either, but I don't remember.

    And think of all the non-monetary things you are briging (besides the drum set as that's already at her house), such as your love of Smallville and your mad barbecuing skills. That has to count for a lot, right?

  • I think the Driver's License cost about $12 in SLC. It was such a pain to get everything switched around. We kind of did it slowly… truth be told, the Credit Union in Provo still has me listed under my maiden name. In hindsight, I'd have done it all at once. Take a day off work, print off as many of the forms beforehand, and prepare to start rethinking the logic of switching you name… I was filling out forms for my SSN when I realized that Carter was way better then Christensen. I obviously shouldn't have switched… oh well :D.

    Good luck! Have fun. I know a lot of people who had a miserable time during the "merging period" but I'm pretty sure it has been one of my favorite parts!

  • As Ben mentioned I think things were much cheaper for us then they will be for you guys. But maybe my early marital bliss is blurring my memory of financial issues. Financially it is a pain the merge households but emotionally it is really nice to feel that you will be able to share your lives together.

    I am excited about you guys being our married friends.

    Oh, and I am watching Lawrence Welk show right now. He rocks.

  • Tara

    Gosh, I guess it pays then to live together for ~10yrs or so and then be married by common law? Just kidding, I'm not sure how it works in every state.


  • Reuben… I just want to say that I'm VERY excited and about your forthcoming nuptials! Also, I really enjoy your writing, specifically how you mentioned she has more than $150 in her bank account. Go Melanie! I hope that someday I can meet her! Did I ever tell you that a while back I had a dream I was at your wedding? It was beautiful, so you know. I liked it. And the cake. Hope all is well! Good luck! -Sarah šŸ™‚