Dinner? Um… No Thanks…

One evening, after a hard day of studing (or rather, while just beginning a hard night of studying) I decided it was time to make dinner. The freezer has exactly 0 items in it, and the Fridge has only butter, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, a tortilla, and two cans of mandarin oranges. I should have enjoyed a can of oranges, but instead, I turned to packaged foods. I had some Ramen, and a couple Lipton Pasta Sides, but I was out of ready-to-eat soups.

I decided to make my own recipe. I took a pan, put about two cups of instant rice in the bottom, a can of Cream of Chicken, and a can of Condensed Broccoli Cheese, with about a can of water. Mix it all up, put it in the oven at about 375 degrees long enough to perform 30 AIMSUN replications, write about one page of text, and format a figure or two and it’s done!

It wasn’t very good. The rice was crunchy.

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