Christmas Vacation 2007

Christmas Vacation is going well so far. Mel, Shaun, and I left Minneapolis on Friday around 6:00 PM, arriving in Columbus, Montana around 7:00 AM on Saturday. Mel and I were both extremely tired, and didn’t contribute much to the driving. Luckily, Shaun is used to sleeping during the day and staying up late at night, so he did most of the driving. Sannon and Paul were still in their PJ’s when we arrived.

Columbus is a pretty sleepy town. When we were trying to figure out sleeping arrangements, we weren’t sure if we had enough pillows for everyone. Paul remarked that he wasn’t sure you could even buy a pillow anywhere in town. At first, I though he was being sarcastic. Later, I realized he wasn’t kidding. You really can’t buy a pillow in Columbus, Montana. But it’s a nice town. It’s safe and the people seem friendly.

We spent most of the day Saturday making cookies, watching football, and pretty much just sitting around. Mel’s Parents showed up later that evening and we had dinner, watched more football, and went to bed. We all zonked out prety quickly that evening.

Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and have been playing football and frisbee all afternoon. It’s a balmy 35 degrees here, which is pretty dang warm compared to what it’s been in Minneapolis. We’re eagerly awaiting Ryan’s arrival this evening. Then the whole Hall family will be united – plus Paul and I.

So far, this has been a great Christmas Vacation. It’s my first Christmas away from my own family (other than the mission), but I’m glad I get to spend it with Mel’s family. We’re all getting so excited for the wedding in 2 weeks.

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