Almost Done

I’ve finished all my coursework for the semester. It feels so good to be done with it. I did a pretty mediocre job on one of my papers, though, the one worth 50% of my grade, so I’m not sure what sort of grade to expect. This prof has a little bit of a reputation for not really reading papers, so it might turn out ok.

So what I’ve got left now is two papers and a Plan B defense. One of the papers I’m working on as I type this, and hope to have it back to my prof for a final read through before I distribute it to my examining committee. The second paper is similar to a Plan B paper for the urban planning degree, but not as intense. Hopefully I’ll have that one buttoned up tomorrow, leaving only my defense for sometime in January.

I’m so ready to be done with school right now. I’m ready to get a job, and using my knowledge in practical applications. I want to plan bicycle and transit networks for the rest of my life. I’m ready. Bring it on.

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