Christmas In Montana

On Christmas, we shot pistols. Mel and I had a really good time, even though it was freezing cold and we couldn’t feel our toes.
Mel knows how to handle a pistol.

Hall family horseplay.

Mel’s sweet pair of onesies.
Mel got lockjaw. Just kidding, but we thought this was pretty funny.
Mel and I are back from Montana, where Mel got a sweet pair of onesies I thought we had to show off. We had such a good time in Montana with Mel’s family. I missed my own family, but it was fun to share the holidays with the Hall family and become acquainted with their family traditions. We continued to play more football, we went shooting, opened presents (Mel and I got a sweet video camera!). Mel’s parents got all of us matching Williams & Hall vests and jackets. They’re sweet. They’re rugged. I’ve never owned a vest before, but it will be great to have when I need to retain dexterity. Mel and her sister didn’t get vests, they got slightly more feminine jackets.
Now that we’re back, it’s time to get serious about wedding planning.

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