What About Album Art?

Last night, I transferred all of my cd’s from three 100 capacity cd cases back into their factory plastic cases. It took over an hour, but I enjoyed seeing all of the old artwork that came along with the cd’s. It brought back old memories. I can still remember where I bought most of them, how I excitedly unwrapped them in my truck to listen to them for the first time, and my initial reaction to the new music. Many of the cd’s bring back specific memories of good times spent with friends.

Moving the cd’s back into their factory cases was in many ways an admittance that their usefulness has passed. I remember getting my first cd (Vanilla Ice) and wondering what I was going to do with it since the rest of my music was on cassette tape. Now, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with all my cd’s since all of my music is on my computer and mp3 players. The truth is, my cd’s haven’t gotten much play for years, but I’ve been slow to admit it. The only time I’ve listened to cd’s since 1999 is while driving, and now that I don’t even own an automobile, it turns out that I don’t even own a cd player that isn’t connected to a computer. For the past several years, any cd I have bought is instantly transferred to my computer and in many cases, the cd’s have never even been played once.

Admitting that most of these cd’s will never be played again was a little depressing. I’ll continue to listen to much of the music on my computer, of course, but just seeing the cd’s brought back memories of high school that the mp3 version doesn’t bring with it. I’m not ready to let go of cd’s, even though I haven’t used them in years. I’ve only purchased a handful of albums online, partly because I don’t get any album artwork. In some ways, maybe the move to mp3s is a good thing. After all…. I want albums to be about the music, not the packaging. But I’m unwilling to let go of a part of my past.

I suppose those a little older have already been through this process several times now. I expect some folks were unwilling to get rid of their 8-tracks, then their LP’s, then cassettes, and are now joining me in mourning the impending doom of cd’s. In fact, I’m beginning to understand that those younger than me are already abandoning mp3s for… well… i don’t even know what new file type…but something. So I guess a little perspective helps… but don’t expect me to give up my printed comic books for new-fangled online comics – – that’s taking things too far.

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