They Shouldn’t have to Leave

My heart ached for this woman as she gave her testimony of christ, and how she had to leave the LDS church to find it. While I was watching this video, all I kept thinking that I agreed with everything she said about christ, the atonement, and grace.  I am glad that she has found a religious community that makes her happy and that strengthens her relationship with Christ, but I wish she didn’t need to leave the LDS church to find it. Is there not room for an honest, truth-seeking individual like this woman within the church?

Is there something more the LDS church should have done to accomodate her? Are her beliefs really radical enough to require excommunication? Should the church learn to be more flexible in reaching out to those who desire a different experience than the somewhat rigid LDS approach to religion? When someone chooses to separate themselves from the LDS church, it should be because they downright disagree with our doctrines and specific teachings, not because another church has found a way of preaching the gospel that is more effective for this individual. It is the duty of church members to ensure that ALL of God’s children are accomodated.

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