Splendid Words from Faust

I loved President Faust’s message this month. Read it here. It made me think of my mother, who is legally married, but has been separated from her husband (my father) for years. I know she has felt very alone at times in the church – feeling like nobody cared or even noticed she was there. How much it would have meant to her if someone had been willing to reach out to her. Even before she was separated, I know she felt left out of ward activities. I remember her not wanting to attend the Ward Christmas Party one year because she said it would make her feel lonely.

It’s not that anyone specifically excludes singles (or anyone else). We’re just negligent in doing what the Savior would have done. I wish I was more willing to reach out to others. I ALWAYS see people sitting alone at church, and I usually think that I should invite them to sit next to me. But I never do. If someone in the Dinkytown Ward feels left out – that is MY fault… OUR fault.

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