My Favorite Part of the LDS Church

My relationship with the LDS church has not always been a loving one. It’s more of a love/hate relationship for various reasons. I often dwell more on my perceived shortcomings of the church rather than the positive assets of the church – a reflection of my own shortcomings. There is much I dislike about the LDS church. I often criticize church culture, disagree with doctrines, dislike church policies, and question church leadership, but I have only love and respect for the rank-and-file church members I interact with weekly. By and large, mormons are some of the most thoughtful, caring, respectful, honest, peaceful, and loving people I’ve ever met.

I have found so many positive role models and close friends (and a future wife) within the walls of LDS chapels. The church’s track record for producing splendid humans is phenomenal. The church’s ability to instill so many positive character traits in its members is my favorite aspect of the church.

What’s YOUR favorite part?

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