Career Fairs are Funny.

I went to a career fair today. The following is a sample of what I was thinking the whole time:

“Why am I even here? None of these companies are even hiring. They all just tell you to submit resumes online to the corporate office in California. Those that are hiring want me to move to some other state. Most of these representatives don’t even know that much about their own companies. They all just tell you to go to the company web site if you want to learn about the company. Half of them aren’t accepting resumes today, anyway. I want to think that I’m “networking,” except that the reps I’m meeting here today aren’t the people who will decide if I get an interview, nor will they be the people interviewing me, so what’s the point?

Well, ok, so I did meet that one guy from Company A, and I’d like to work for them, so maybe that will be fruitful. And I had a good discussion with that woman from my friends company, so maybe that will be useful as well. Dangit. Why did I tell that guy I didn’t want a ruler with his company name on it? I really want that ruler, now. Is it too late to get one? How will it look if I go back and say, ‘ok, now i want a ruler.’ Horrible. It would look stupid. I’m just going to have to do without the ruler. I want Panda Express for lunch. REUBEN FOCUS ON GETTING A JOB RIGH NOW. THINK ABOUT LUNCH LATER.

Ok, I’ll go talk to that guy. Shoot, that other student beat me to him. Now I’m just standing here awkwardly. Should I wait? Or should I walk some laps around the room and come back when nobody is here? (6 laps later) I’m pretty sure that woman knows I’m just walking laps around the room right now but she keeps saying Hello to me each lap. I’m not sure if she’s saying Hello to everyone, just me, or only to those of us walking laps. mmm….orange chicken…. REUBEN FOCUS.

Did I remember to roll my pant leg down? (looking down) YES. I’m glad I remembered. i forgot last time I had a job interview and did the whole thing with one pant leg rolled up. Hey, that’s the company (name) works for. I’ll go talk to them.”

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