The Unsacred Text

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I was a little apprehensive about giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting this morning. Overall, it went really well. I received a lot of really positive comments, and it made me feel as though it was appreciated by many members of the congregation. I really wanted to touch on this subject because I think it’s something we don’t speak enough of in the church. Well, enough of me talking about the talk, here it is for you to download. This is the talk as it was prepared, not necessarily as given. There were several points where I felt the words I had planned were a little harsh, so I edited on the fly. One point in particular seemed inappropriate in the moment (and it has already been edited out of the version available for download, as well, so you’ll never know what it was….unless you ask me and then I’ll probably just tell you.) (what? google docs doesn’t support pdf? what?)

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