Shoulder Injury: Update II …And How Rogue Injuries Run In The Family

It has been a little over three days since my bicycle accident and shoulder injury. Overall, I’m feeling much better, but there are still lingering pains in my shoulder. Unfortunately, these pains are significant enough that i’m pretty sure something is broken. I’m expecting to have some pain for the next few months, but I’m pleased to announce that the feeling has returned to my right hand. So the question now becomes: if I go to a doctor, what do I expect him/her to do for me?

If I went to a doctor, I’d get an x-ray, and the doc would say, “Yep it’s broken.” What next? I would refuse a cast, and probably wouldn’t wear a sling all that often if a doctor gave me one, so going to a doctor would really serve only one purpose: If there was something SERIOUSLY wrong, the doc could catch it early and avoid an awful surgery later in life or something. That would be a good thing…. and I’d probably be up for it if I had insurance. But I don’t, so now that I’ve started down a path of reckless physical behavior, I’ll probably keep it going a little longer.

It reminds me of a story my dad once told me about when he was gold prospecting out in the hills of nevada one day. He told me that he was walking horizontally across a hillside, when all of a sudden he realized an old barrell was rolling down the hillside towards him. (WTF? where did the barrell come from?) It hit him right in the chest and, according to my dad, broke several of his ribs. He says he never went to a doctor because he didn’t think they would do anything for him anyway. I guess my dad and I have at least one thing in common: neither of us are that excited about visiting doctors for potentially serious injuries, and would rather just trust our bodies to heal themselves. Like father like son – I also claim to have a rib that has been broken for the past 5 years and have never sought medial attention. Perhaps the thing we have most in common is foolishness, stubbornness, or just being nut-jobs. ….Or an inability to shave without suffering massive blood loss.

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