Pirating Sacrament Meeting

Tomorrow morning in church I’m going to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I’m a little apprehensive about the topic I’ve chosen. I was asked to talk for 10 minutes on the topic of gratitude and was directed to use a specific scripture from the Book of Mormon as the basis for my sermon. I have prepared a topic nearly unrelated to gratitude, and I worry I’ve got up to 20 minutes of material to share. I’m ultimately very proud of the talk I’ve prepared and believe it is a very important topic. The only problem is that it’s not necessarily doctrinally sound, and not necessarily a topic appropriate for a Sacrament Meeting. Basically, I’m pirating Sacrament Meeting, and using it as an opportunity to discuss an issue that I don’t think we talk enough about. But I don’t quote any scriptures. I borrow from a fictional piece printed in a New Era from 1998, and use about one Sentence from Elder Hales. The rest of the 20 minutes is speculation and my own opinion.

Of course, I’m not sure that Sacrament Meeting is the most appropriate venue for opinion, especially opinion about difficult topics, but neither is Sunday School or EQ/RS! On one hand, I’m hesitant to impose my personal opinions on other church members during Sacrament Meeting, but on the other hand, the basic takeaway message of my talk will be that our meetings should become a more appropriate forum in which members can freely express opinions without fear of judgement from other members. So it’s an interesting situation. I’ll probably post the entire lengthy text of my talk tomorrow.

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