Bike v. Bike – – Bike Wins! – – (I lose)

I was riding my bike today and I ran into another bike. It was 100% my fault. We both fell down….or… she sort of stumbled a little bit… I totally bit the dust in the middle of the street. I hit my right shoulder very hard against the ground. It didn’t really hurt at the time, but now it’s killing me. I can barely move my arm. I hope it’s just really bruised up and not broken. I don’t have any health insurance…. so it would really set me back if I had to go to a hospital. I’ll see how far I can get using lots of aspirin and hope for the best.

Anyone know how to tell if it’s broken or just bruised up? There’s nothing out of the ordinary on the surface. It’s a little sensitive to the touch, but mostly it just hurts when I have to flex my muscles for something. For example, if I completely relax my right arm, and use my left arm to pick up my right arm and move it around, it doesn’t really hurt. But If I try to just move my right arm around, the pain is very bad. Hmmm… I’m hoping it’s just bruised. One thing is for sure: I’m going to have to go to Target and get more aspirin. SOON.

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