All Hallows Eve Preparations

Melanie and I made some rad costumes for All Hallows Eve this year. We’re fuzzy dinosaurs. I’m a fuzzy blue and gold dinosaur named Roobasaurus Rex, and the pink and blue beauty next to me is Melasaurus Max. We are the most ferocious of creatures, and we also like dancing to “Closer to You” by Young Love late at night when we’re alone in her living room. Like I said……ferocious.

Friday night we went to a dance at church in our costumes, and realized that our thick costumes are better suited for trick-or-treating on very cold evenings than dancing in hot rooms, but it was still a lot of fun. We (arguably) had the raddest costumes there. You want to know the definition of cool? Dancing next to a “Plan of Salvation” flow chart.

On Saturday, we drove out to Anoka with T-Bert to participate in the Gray Ghost 5K race, a footrace where everyone is encouraged to dress up in costumes. Again, we realized that the thick material we used to make our costumes was not well suited for ventilation, so we were pretty hot after we finished. Anoka is a suburb just north of the Twin Cities claims to be the “Halloween Capitol of the World.” It’s not really, but I guess it makes them feel good to say it, so no harm done. It was a fun race. My favorite costumes were worn by a group of men dressed up as Spartans (think: the movie 300) complete with spears, capes, shields, and helmets. They ran in two single-file lines and would occasionally let out “Spartan Calls (grunts).” I don’t know what our plans are for All Hallows Eve, yet, but it will probably involve eating live humans and dancing to electro-pop.

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