A Safe Place for Blogging

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, and the personal nature of some of my posts. Is it appropriate to post personal information on a blog? I’m currently job hunting, and I keep thinking that a potential employer is going to google me, stumble on my blog, myspace page, or facebook page, and get an unfavorable impression of me. This is unlikely, but if I want to make sure this doesn’t happen, I have three options: 1. Delete my blogs and profile pages. 2. Make my blogs and profiles private so that only those I approve can see them. 3. Blog only about topics that won’t cause any controversy (but who can really say what might give someone an unfavorable opinion of me?)

But the problem is that I like to post blogs that are sometimes personal in nature. I enjoy allowing those who take the time to read my blog (all three of you) to get look into what I’m thinking about. So that works just fine. I will continue posting personal info with disregard for the potential consequenses…. but only to a certain extent.

There are still times when I want to tell the world about my fears and insicurities, but not those closest to me. There is something liberating about posting your deepest secrets on the internet where everyone can see it. It’s almost a way to test the waters. To post a blog about something you’re insecure about, in hopes that someone, somewhere will be able to relate. But I don’t want those closest to me to know about it. They’re MY secrets. And though I’m fine sharing them with complete strangers, it would be very difficult to share with my friends.

But this blog isn’t a journal. It’s public, and I’m glad you’re all here reading this (yes, all three of you). But why are we (or is it just me?) comfortable sharing personal secrets with strangers, but not friends?

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